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GPS coordinate extraction script for Novatek based cameras

This script will extract GPS coordinates encoded in the MP4/MOV/TS files by Novatek based cameras. The output is format is GPX.

usage: [-h] [-i input [input ...]] [-o output] [-f] [-d] [-m]

This script will attempt to extract GPS data from a Novatek MP4/MOV/TS file and output
it in a GPX format.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit.
  -i input [input ...]  input file(s), globs (eg: *) or directory(ies).
  -o output             output file (single).
  -f                    overwrite output file if exists.
  -d                    deobfuscates coordinates, if the file only works with
                        JMSPlayer use this flag.
  -e                    exclude outliers. Removes impossible coordinates due
                        to errors in the GPS data.
  -m                    multiple output files (default creates a single output
                        file). Note: files will be named after originals.
  -s [sorting]          Specify on what to sort by. The '-s f' will sort the
                        output by the file name. The '-s d' will sort the
                        output by the GPS date (default). The '-s n' will not
                        sort the output.

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