nvtk_mp42gpx.py revisited – now with TS support

It appears that not only my quick hack of a script is popular but also that the dashcam manufacturers keep changing things. In this case the biggest change (beyond utterly stupid data obfuscation) is the switch to the TS format. In retrospect TS format is an obvious choice for something like dashcam as it is … Continue reading nvtk_mp42gpx.py revisited – now with TS support

2020 update of the nvtk_mp42gpx.py script

Surprisingly to me the script that I haphazardly put together turned out to be very popular.I decided to quickly update it (after multiple feature and bug fixes requests)… The highlights are: Automatic finding of the correct position of the data block (more on that below). Introduction of -m flag, which creates separete GPX file per … Continue reading 2020 update of the nvtk_mp42gpx.py script

Scripts and other hacks

GPS coordinate extraction script for Novatek based cameras This script will extract GPS coordinates encoded in the MP4/MOV/TS files by Novatek based cameras. The output is format is GPX. nvtk_mp42gpx.py related posts. status: actively developed IMAP to IMAP sync tool This tool allows syncing between two imap accounts. It can be daemonised. imap2imap.py more here. … Continue reading Scripts and other hacks

Extracting GPS data from Viofo A119 and other Novatek powered cameras

The script.nvtk_mp42gpx.pyHere it is: nvtk_mp42gpx.pyAlternative version: nvtk_mp42gpx_older.py What does it do? In short: it takes Novatek encoded MP4 file (with embedded GPS data) and extract GPS data in GPX format (as separate file). Note; it does not modify the original MP4 file. In long: