2020 update of the nvtk_mp42gpx.py script

Surprisingly to me the script that I haphazardly put together turned out to be very popular.
I decided to quickly update it (after multiple feature and bug fixes requests)…

The highlights are:

  • Automatic finding of the correct position of the data block (more on that below).
  • Introduction of -m flag, which creates separete GPX file per input file (default behaviour is a single GPX output file for multiple input files).
  • More robust argument parsing (now it should always display help if wrong arguments are used)
  • Introduction of -d flag, which allows to de-obfuscate GPS coordinates.

The biggest problem with the script (in my opinion) is that it relied on rigid position of the GPS data block inside of the GPS atom.
For some silly reason camera manufacturers occasionally move this position around, even with the same camera model.
So I decided not to go for special cases instead just to find the damn block by starting from the end and looking for A{N,S}{E,W} pattern (eg: ASE). Where A stands for Active (I assume), and N,S,W,E are hemisphere indicators.

In reality as end user you are probably better off using ExifTool, see this.
This is probably the last update…


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