Prezzy card scam

A while ago I was gifted a prezzy card. These buggers:
They are actually Kiwi bank.
This prezzy card is not accepted in many places. In addition it needs to be activated.
I was putting it off, until the bloody thing expired.

So these bastards take legal tender (that does not have expiry) and set expiry on it.
I simply see no point of these things as cash is accepted pretty much everywhere, and it can also be deposited in your account (stating obvious here).

What these gift card/prepay debit cards companies rely on is chumps like me that let their cards expire.
This is a very shady business model.

So if you want to be a good friend and want to gift some cash, just gift the cash. No prezzy card or Dicksmith gift cards or any other stupid vouchers, thank you very much.

As for Kiwibank – shame on you for supporting such scam.