Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I IP camera part 2

continuation from Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I IP camera

As a quest to solve the dropped frames issue I have upgraded the firmware from Version V5.2.0 to V5.2.3.
This was done successfully, except the interface has switched to Chinese (and no option to choose otherwise).

Model DS-2CD2032-I
Serial No. DS-2CD2032-I20141014CCCH482137191
Firmware Version V5.2.3 build 141024
Encoding Version V5.0 build 140714

Basically the camera I bought supposed to be international version but upon inspecting the serial number it looks like it is Chinese.

The Chinese versions have CCCH while international version have CCWR in their serial numbers. Cameras that sold as “International Version” on amazon are actually Chinese versions with multilingual interface. The correct camera to buy is “English Retail” version. Caveat Emptor!

I found a workaround without modifying the firmware: drop into developer console in the browser and type the following:


There is also a hack by CBX here . This is a permanent solution, but I will probably not go that way since I don’t need use WebUI very often. Shame on you Hikvision for having regions! Since it is same hardware and software anyway…

So far with new firmware I cannot see any changes whatsoever (that concern me).
The loadavg is still very high (around 4). Not sure about original problem, will need to run the camera for a while (since it does not manifest itself immediately).

I have contacted CBX and he as kind enough to provide me with the patch for token amount of money in exchange.
The camera now has correct language ID:

# prtHardInfo
language                        = 1