Hikvision applied shotgun to the foot and squeezed the trigger

I guess I will not be recommending Hikvision any more to anyone.

Here is why:

So in short, Hikvision decided to only sell their cameras to authorized installers. The same installers that want $800 for $80 camera.
Well guess what, screw you Hikvision this is not pre-internet era where greedy corporation can dictate what is happening on the market.
I guarantee that this move will not curb prevalence of Chinese sourced cameras on ebay and aliexpress.
Granted this only affects UK and EU. I think this is just a beginning.

I personally will not be buying Hikvision and will definitely advising against buying Hikvision (be that from authorized rip-off artists or aliexpress).

As a company you should not screw with enthusiasts, as the same enthusiasts will be making purchasing decisions for their employers, and you will be losing many million of dollars at the end of the day. I am glad we went with Dahua.

Here is the full spiel:

August 2017

To Our Valued Customers,

As is well known, professional HIKVISION products are highly technical devices that require substantial product knowledge for the best possible system design, installation, support, and maintenance that our customers and end users deserve. Unfortunately, a large amount of products now are acquired from unauthorized channels and are not valid, up to date, or genuine HIKVISION products and accessories with qualified warranty or technical support.

For your protection, and to ensure you receive the best advice, technical support, and genuine HIKVISION products and accessories, HIKVISON is proceeding to build the selective distribution program in EU and UK (hereinafter referred as “HIKVISION Selective Distribution Program”), a new way different from generally intensive and exclusive distribution.

For HIKVISION Selective Distribution Program, HIKVSION establishes a set of criteria for authorized distributors (hereinafter referred as “Authorized Wholesalers”)and authorized system integrators/installers (hereinafter referred as “AuthorizedSystem Integrators/Installers”)(“Authorized Wholesalers” and “Authorized System Integrators/Installers” together referred as “Authorized Partners”), who are required to meet certain criteria and responsibilities mandated by HIKVISION. This includes not limited to the establishment and maintenance of the service staff, facilities, plant and equipment at one or more locations suitable for the satisfactory maintenance and repair of the HIKVISION Products. In other words, only the one who meet the relevant criteria can be the Authorized Partners, which HIKVISON products can only be bought and sold by, including online and offline. And the Authorized Wholesaler will only operate at the wholesale level of trade, and shall not sell the Products to end-users and the Authorized System Integrator/Installer will sell the HIKVISION Products to end-users at the retail level.

When becoming an Authorized Partner, you are able to leverage the HIKVISION partner portal, comprehensive multi-year warranty, and online project registration program. Also, you will have access to HIKVISON pre-sales support for sales questions, configuration and design assistance for the registered projects.

HIKVISION Selective Distribution Program will protect Authorized Partners that have invested the time and resources into becoming and maintaining their authorized status and in being knowledgeable in HIKVISION products to provide the best products choices to protect our customers.

Vendors who fail to meet its criteria or violate HIKVISION Selective Distribution Program by selling products to the unauthorized wholesalers/system integrators/installers after prior notification by HIKVISION are automatically moved to the Unauthorized Wholesalers/Systems Integrators/Installers.

To be our Authorized Partners, please contactus for complete criteria.

For more questions about this Program,please feel free to contact us at sales.uk@hikvision.com

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    1. At this stage Dahua seems to be like a good alternative. To be honest I am not thrilled about them either ;).

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