Caveat Emptor: Do not buy EVGA GTX1060 6GB with ACX 2.0 Cooler!

What is wrong with EVGA GTX1060 6GB ACX2.0 (06G-P4-6161-KR)? Well, the cooler is a piece of shit and this card easily hits 90’C.

This is the card in question: 06G-P4-6161-KR

In addition if you are into ethereum mining, between 3 of those cards I could only get 17.8MH/s from each, which is far cry from 26MH/s from other brands of GTX1060. Which suggest they used crappiest RAM chips they could lay their hands on.

I have tried contacting EVGA to buy an ACX3.0 cooler from them and they told me they do not sell parts to retail.

Why would EVGA put inadequate heat sink on one model and a good heat sink on other model, while selling them for $20 difference is beyond me.
Sounds like they are cutting corners to earn an odd buck.

Dear EVGA: Fuck you! There are plenty of other brands to buy from.

I wish I found this post before I foolishly bought these cards:

PSA: Don’t buy the single fan EVGA GTX 1060 Gaming (non-SC) from pcmasterrace

In fact from now on I will never buy EVGA.